Sushi Restaurants in Worcestershire

Looking for sushi restaurants in Worcestershire can be tough, especially if you are new to this city. On the other hand, you don't need to give up on your cravings just because you don't know the outskirts of the place. Many factors may effect your choice of restaurant, from the quality of the food, menu choice right down to whether the building as certificates from commercial cleaning companies. You can read the suggestions below, take note of them, tell the cabbie to take you there and you can have a gastronomic experience in no time.

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Takara Sushi Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Japanese sushi flavours, this is the place to be. You will be amazed because they have so much to offer that you might have a hard time sticking to one dish. They also have special Maki rolls that you can't find in most express Japanese food chains today. Among their house specials are the Volcano Maki, Screaming Tuna, Lobster Roll, Takara Maki and Winter Maki. They are open every day, from afternoon until evening.
Baba Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Another great place to explore Japanese sushi is Baba Restaurant. Among their house favourites are the Tiger Eye Sushi, West of Boston Sushi and the Spiderman Roll. Apart from sushi, you can also try other Japanese dishes like crispy-fried shrimp dumplings, deep-fried pork dumplings, Tempura and Tartaki.
Double Sushi

Double sushi is a simple sushi house where you can get a homey feel and get good food. It's a fantastic place where vegetarians can also enjoy munching because they have a spicy vegetarian sushi. One unique and tasty sushi from this place is Hozon Maguro, which has green mangoes in it, instead of the traditional slices of pickled radish or cucumber. They also serve large sushi packs, so you can take home your favourite sushi if you can't get enough of it.
Kai Sushi Bar and Grill

On top of classic sushi choices, you can also find other great-tasting Japanese dishes here. If you hate crabs because of their hard shells, it's best that you try their Soft Shell Crab for appetizers. Though it isn't literally a crab with a soft shell, you don't have to worry about cracking anything because the dish is made up of crab tempura sauted in spinach and teriyaki sauce. They also have lunch specials and awesome desserts that are worth coming back to.
Mai Tai

If you are looking for something classier without compromising real Japanese taste, go to Mai Tai and order their sumptuous dishes. One of their highly-recommended dishes is the spicy salmon roll. It has a good kick that won't disappoint anyone who loves peppery dishes. Their soft shell crab tempura is also a must-try if you are tired of the common shrimp tempura.

These are some of the sushi restaurants that you can visit in Worcestershire. If you fancy anything Japanese tonight, you can also make reservations so all you have to do is sit and order your food once you get there. There should be no worries getting to these restaurants because taxi drivers know each and every one of them, so all you have to do is choose a place and suite yourself.